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Oily skin is a very common problem that is characterised by the presence of lucidity, blackheads, pimples, dilated pores and excess sebum. Many make the mistake of covering these skin imperfections with foundation, without taking care of the root problem. In fact, the foundation is only an apparent solution: it clogs the pores and only worsens the situation.

The solution should instead take care of the skin and counteract the onset of the much hated rash through continuous and constant purification.

K-Beauty teaches us a lot about skin care with specific products for every skin requirement, today we want to show you the best and natural products to say goodbye to oily skin.

Why do you have oily skin?

First of all, oily skin is that skin characterized by an excessive production of sebum (sebum hypersecretion), the sebum is just that oily substance that makes the skin appear shiny above all in the so-called T zone.
Oily skin can result from one or more factors:

  • genetics: this is perhaps one of the main reasons for oily skin, in this case the only remedy is to take care of the skin.
  • Diet: eating fatty foods and dairy products increases the production of sebum, so proper nutrition can improve the health of complexion.
  • Age: it is known that in the period of adolescence the sebum production is sky-high. Therefore, if you are in the puberty phase do not be alarmed too much
  • Climate: in summer the production of sebum is much more intense and you may notice the appearance of the phenomena associated with it.

However, having oily skin also has its advantages. In fact, the latter tends to be much stronger and more elastic and for this reason it ages later!

Now that you know more about oily skin, we can reveal how to care for it with natural products designed to cleanse and moisturize day after day.

5 best products for oily skin, all natural

1) Green tea soap

green tea soap one of the best products for oily skin
After removing the make-up, as the Korean double cleansing ritual requires, you should clean your skin with a mild, water-based soap. Our favorite is Real Fresh Green Tea Foam from Neogen which is hypoallergenic and consists of 99 natural ingredients (you can even see the green tea leaves on the bottom of the bottle). This fresh cleansing mousse purifies and moisturizes at the same time and it is impossible not to love it.

2) Anti acne patches

anti acne patches one of the best product for oily skin

An ultra purifying method with immediate results is to use anti-acne patches. We recommend Acne Pimple Master Patch Acne Treatment of Cosrx, you will need to apply the patches in areas that have more pimples and signs of oily skin and let the product act. The process must be repeated even in the following days until the skin reaches an optimal cleaning stage. These patches are considered almost a drug, in fact, in addition to solving the insidious problem of acne, protect the skin from viruses and dust that are in the air. It is not surprising that this miraculous product is so successful.

3) Face mask

face mask for oily skin
In order to take care of the skin, a face mask can not be missing from time to time, the use of a mask is also part of the steps of the Korean beauty routine. Everyone should select the mask according to their skin needs, if you suffer from oily skin we recommend to to alternate two masks.
The first is I'm Real Red Wine Mask Sheet, a mask for dilated pores. This product helps to shrink pores, protects the skin from external agents thanks to the presence of Jasmine extract and also helps to fight the signs of aging thanks to green tea.
The other purifying mask is I'm Real Makgeolli Mask Sheet by Tony Moly that acts on the layers of the skin in depth. It also has a moisturizing action, because hydration is necessary for oily skin.


4) Liquid against black spots

blackhead liquid for oily skin

Before going to sleep you should apply a cream that regulates the production of sebum and that defeats the so difficult to remove, blackheads. Our preferred solution is COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid with its extracts of willow bark guarantees hydration but also a deep cleaning. It should be applied with a cotton pad in the evening and then tapped to promote absorption. It should be used once a week initially and then up to 3 times a week. You will immediately notice the effectiveness of this product.

5) Cream for acne

acne cream one of the best product for oily skin
In addition to the products listed, you also need a cream that acts as a purifying agent that counteracts the onset of rashes. In our opinion, the best cream for acne is COSRX Centella Blemish Cream, as the name suggests, the main ingredient of the cream is Centella asiatica, also used in Ayurveda, as an anti-inflammatory. This cream is able to prevent imperfections of any kind. In addition, it rebalances the skin and prevents the formation of scars. You will see that using this cream regularly will also reduce the production of sebum.

As we have demonstrated the tradition and innovation of Korean cosmetics offer specific products for oily skin, thanks to the almost totally natural composition and the absence of allergens, we consider the cosmetics of K-Beauty the best products for oily skin.

And you? Have you ever tried Korean products for oily skin? What was your experience? Tell us about it with a comment.

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