How to Get Glass Skin? Follow This Method and Use These Products

For some years now the interest in K-Beauty, which is everything related to the universe of Korean beauty, is constantly growing. The innovativeness, the beauty of the packaging and the particularity of Asian products tickles the imagination of the consumer, who finds himself buying the strangest products often wondering why.

More than strange, Asian products are different from European products because they are born and developed according to the needs of a different audience and that has a different cultural background. To make it easier for our customers to choose and understand Korean products, we, at Glamour Flare, decided to tell you about some differences between Korean and Western beauty. Ready? Let's begin.

What is glass skin?

What is the glass skin, will you ask? Glass skin refers to a "transparent" skin, in the sense of pure and clear, shiny and luminous.

While in the West having a shiny skin is not considered pleasant, for Asians such skin is synonymous of health. For us, lucid skin means to have too much sebum, oily skin and imperfections; it has - overall - a negative value especially in terms of makeup. In short, if you have shiny skin after putting on foundation and powder mattifying, it doesn't look good.

In Asia it is the opposite, in fact women and men are bombarded with advertisement of women who touch their shiny and rosy face. Famous advertising of Laneige who cited "Chok chok", or the onomatopoeia that indicates something wet. Healthy skin is called gul skin (honey skin).

If we find a difference between the glass skin and the gul skin, this would be to be found in the method by which it is obtained. The gul skin can also be obtained using makeup.

Many of you will have stumbled on foundations and cushions that were too dewy, too bright ... right? This is because it is precisely a type of product aimed at achieving that result. Also on the market you can find a product that is usually called "blender" which serves to polish the bases and to streamline the dense texture of the foundation.


How to get Glass Skin: follow this method


At Glamour Flare, we feel much closer to the idea of ​​glass skin that can be reached by stratifying the skincare.
This type of skin is obtained only with skincare, by deeply moisturising and using illuminating products that will bring out a shiny and healthy skin that will not need coverage. When you get it, you can leave the house without even bothering to do your make up in the morning ... a considerable time saving.
Obviously, the make-up is at the base of everything together with the exfoliation. You have to remove all traces of makeup and sunscreen, so that the skin regenerates during the night cycle. In addition, makeup residues are always unsightly and go against what the ideal promoted by the glass skin;)

We advise you to remove make-up with a balm like the one by Heimish and later use our green tea cleanser by Neogen, to remove all makeup residues and pollution.

Obviously exfoliation is important for eliminating dead skin and bringing out the shine of skin, as well as for stimulating the production of new cells.
We recommend our Neogen peeling, followed by a moisturising toner to choose according to the needs of your skin. Cosrx toners are varied and are very successful because they are value for money! (or choose The saem, Secret key). If you want to focus on hydration, we recommend applying light and moisturising products, such as our Laneige Water Bank essence, followed by the Thank You Farmer serum.

For those with a more mature skin, we recommend our Time Revolution line by Missha, of which both essence and whey are very famous for those who want to have a luminous skin and fight the signs of ageing at the same time.
There are many layers of Skincare, true, but all very light.

The last step to follow is the use of a moisturiser, always choose one light in texture, in order not to weigh down the skin. Our choice obviously falls on our Thank You Farmer's Deep Cream.

What do you think of this Asian trend? Will you also try to get Glass Skin? Please let us know in the comments.

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