Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist: Review

Talking about mist is always very difficult, as everyone seems to have their own opinion about it. It’s a fact that, although we have been trained to moisturize the skin twice a day (once in the morning, and then in the evening), the skin still needs a refresh during the day. There are also times when the hydration is not enough – due to make-up or our issues - and because of several commitments and various social situations we can not reapply the cream. In these moments a mist totally come to our aid, because it is a quick method to give some relief and hydration to our skin.

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What are mists?

Mists are not sprays. Spray means products such as lacquers, perfumes and dry shampoos. Although mists can also be vaporized in more or less fine droplets, the key feature is that you can feel the fresh droplet on your face, so that the wet effect helps to slightly lower your face or body temperature. Some more, some less, all the mist have a moisturizing and refreshing effect ... The mist is born for this reason. The Koreans believe that the more our body temperature increases the more also increase the excess sebum, making the skin too bright (not up to the gloss we mentioned in our article on the glass skin and thus occluding the pores. Spraying a mist on your face gives a total refreshing effect, however temporary, and thus helps to close the pores and limit the production of sebum.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist: our favourite mist

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Among our products, one of the most successful mist is our Soothing & Moisture Mist with Nature Republic's Aloe, a gel mist, composed of Aloe Vera from California. It slightly moisturizes and protects from external pollutants. Unlike other mists, being composed of 92% aloe, its consistency is jelly, much denser than usual liquid. This should not deceive you, as the product will be still vaporized homogeneously on the face.

With its content of aloe, this mist ensures enough hydration, but also dries out immediately. Just spray it two or three times at 15-20 cm from the face. It can be used on makeup to refresh the base or if you perhaps exaggerated with powder and your complexion has now a "dusty" appearance; however, it can not be used to moisten your make-up pad, as the mist dries out too quickly. And since it dries out quickly, this is a mist that we highly recommend to those working in an office, who does not have much time to waste to get ready in the morning or who works in places where there is heavy air conditioning / heating.

Although mists in general are also excellent for those who travel a lot, we do not recommend our gel mist as a cosmetic to bring on board – as it is addressed to mixed and oily skin. However, dry skins can still benefit from Nature Aloe Gel or Aloe Gel from Nature Republic. When used during the warmer months they help to stem the production of sebum and alleviate sun or sweat irritation.

Do you use a mist? Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment!

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