Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen 50ml - SPF50 PA+++

Before we start to talk about our beloved product, it seems very important for us, at Glamourflare, to dwell again on the importance of sun protection. The harmful rays of the sun can reach the skin in every season and in every place, whether you are on a beach in mid-August or on the 22nd of December in the office. It will be always a good idea to put on a sunscreen of at least 30/35 spf PA ++. That actually leads us to dispel on the biggest myth about sun protection: a foundation even with protection is not enough. No, that SPF in your foundation is useless! And mostly it does not work like ‘the less protection I get, the more I tan’. On the contrary, the lower the protection the more you burn, the greater the possibility of contracting skin diseases, including the dreaded melanoma. I know, maybe we frightened you a little, but we are confident that good awareness leads to thoughtful and right choices! Your health is important and we always choose and treat products that first worked on us from the very beginning to the finishing touch.

Among all the sunscreens available on our site, Day Light Protection Sunscreen is one of our favorites. Packed in a convenient and hygienic pressure tube, this cream can be carried with you everywhere! A tube lasts up to four months of daily use ... maybe a little less, if you are up to share it with your family. Do not be misled by the name, that ‘Day Light Protection’ as its action is anything but light! With SPF50 and PA +++, it guarantees constant protection up to four hours after application (all sunscreen must always be reapplied though). ‘Light’ refers more to its texture, which is extremely light on the face. On your hand the cream looks compact, however you will immediately notice that after a few touches the cream becomes immediately soft and easy to spread, leaving a pleasant fresh feeling on your face.


Enriched with natural extracts such as citrus, lavender, raspberry and blueberry extract, this sun lotion gained the title of ‘beauty’ because it also gives a soothing and moisturizing effect, while some specific ingredients help to fight the signs of fatigue and first signs of aging. Light, fresh and viscous, that is not a gel but it is absorbed very quickly, without leaving that unpleasant shiny effect on your face or the unpleasant greasy feeling that drives most of us crazy. However, the moisturizing action of the cream ensures the skin remains soft all day. We actually do not recommend it as a substitute for your moisturizer, but if you are a bit lazy or maybe in a hurry to the beach and you forgot to apply the moisturizer, well… this cream is for you. Even dry skins will love it since it gives them that extra hydration touch they are always craving. It is also excellent for oily skin, as it is very light and not sticky at all.

We recommend to apply it before going out, at least fifteen minutes before direct sun exposure. It can also be used on the whole body and, in combination with a good mist (we suggest Nature Republic's aloe mist), it will keep the skin hydrated and will help you not to feel too much sea salt. As it firmly sticks to your skin, Day Light Protection Sunscreen is an excellent product both for whom is going to the seaside - and therefore needs protection from UV rays mirrored by water - and for whom is heading to the mountains where they find themselves at risk for the same reason but because of the snow. Moreover it does not ruin your make-up at all! On the contrary, it provides a good base where the foundation can stick to. Moreover, thanks to its light texture the final effect it is almost invisible! Last but not least, being that light and little sticky, it is suitable for children also. Its delicate and natural formula is perfect for children aged 6 and over who have not demonstrated allergies to essential oils.

Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen 50ml - SPF50 PA+++ is £22.00 and you can shop it here on GlamourFlare with a 10% Discount with code WELCOMETOGF ! 


 Neogen Day-Light Protection Sun Screen 50ml SPF50PA+++ v2

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