Wine Peeling - NEOGEN Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine: review

Whether you are a mechanical exfoliation person (oh, dear old scrub!) or chemical exfoliation (AHA, BHA and so on) this product is for you. Thanks to the amazing ingredients where these disks have been immersed, you can exfoliate the skin and cleanse it from all the impurities.

Available in three different versions, these exfoliating disks have been revolutionary in GlamourFlare staff routine, so we took care of the product in all its ranges, in order to satisfy every type of skin. Today we are going to talk about Wine Peeling, the ones dedicated to those who are suffering from irritated, delicate skin and want to fight the ageing signs.

picture of NEOGEN Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Why a wine peeling?

Wine and lactic acid are magic ingredients totally capable of removing the most superficial layer of the skin - dead skin - and cleaning all the dirty skin layers caused by smog, external agents and that dreadful sebum that clogs the pores. Even though you think you do not have time, it is very important that you remember to exfoliate your skin, in order to give it a new sparkle and stimulate circulation and cell turnover. With such an extremely chaotic life, we do understand the need to take care of ourselves without taking too much time during day. And therefore, here it is, say welcome to Neogen Gauze Peeling Pad! This large pack contains thirty pre-soaked disks, which can be conveniently used in the morning or in the evening. Each disk has a convenient pocket where you can put your fingers for an easy use.

Easy to use disks

disks of the wine peeling
Let’s look for a moment at the disks themselves. Each disk consists of a uneven side, bristly and exfoliating. The other side is made of soft embossed fabric instead. You simply have to change sides during the use to achieve two different effects. Take the first disk, put two fingers into the pocket and use the exfoliating side, gently rubbing the skin and insisting a little bit more on critical areas. Afterwards, just turn the disk and gently pass it onto the face to eliminate even the last impurities left. You will immediately find your skin much hydrated and perhaps slightly sticky because of the product. In case some product has not been totally absorbed, keep tapping on your face to let it go through. After ten minutes (or even more, depending on your needs) rinse your face with warm water.
As promised, we have three different versions (the other two are about to come) of these fantastic disks, but talking of our wine peeling, the main beneficial effects that you will find specifically concern the anti-aging effects.

using the wine peeling disks

They actually help to diminish fine lines, to lighten skin dark areas and to give the skin more elasticity and hydration. Already after the first month of treatment you will feel a more compact and brighter skin.

To achieve such results, we advise using one disk a day (either in the morning or at night) two or three times a week. It would be ideal to use it in the morning before the toner and after cleaning the skin - possibly a double cleansing with oil and soap. If you want to use it in the evening, it is good to remove your makeup first. As it is such a delicate product, you can even use these disks daily ... But we actually recommend that only to those who are suffering from dry and uneven skin.

Exfoliating the skin too much can lead to redness and irritation, so try not to overdo it!

And of course, if you are going out, do remember you should always use a sunscreen after exfoliation.

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